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What are beliefs? Every human is a product of nature and nurture. The voices that we hear from the environment while growing up form our internal voices and compass.

These are what we call beliefs. Our beliefs are justified by our memories.

Everyone is in a state, either an empowered state created by empowering beliefs or disempowered state created by disempowering beliefs.

Beliefs matter because if we have formed empowering beliefs then we see life run in the direction of our desire and achieve results that align with our dreams. However, when the voices form disempowered beliefs in us, we experience limitations and we are stuck in life.

 our belief system determines how we relate with our past, our selves and other people, as an entrepreneur we must know that  these relationships are the link to every desire and we will always arrive at some decisions based on our past experiences.

These decisions can become a culture that forms a part of our DNA such that we just can’t get past them. This means that we are  not changing,

Change is an evidence of growth and growth is an evidence of life, so you are either thriving or merely living.

Like we said that when you realize that the discomfort of staying stuck is more than the pain of moving, you will start asking the right questions, Thais is because you are the only one experiencing your emotions  no one else is, you are the only person walking in your own shoes.

The inner stories that you tell yourself are what form your real life experiences, however, you are not what you do, who you truly are is what drives you and why you do.

So, there are no broken people, like I hear people say damaged people, there are only people who haven’t understood themselves

As humans we distort, generalize, and personalize though our memories, values, beliefs and preferences as such we can only be in a state, either empowered or disempowered state.

My call to you today is to become a nonconformist to your own limiting beleifs, you are stuck in life because you genuinely think that you have done everything and you are out of options, 

However, when you take more responsibility and you quit blaming the system, yourself, your past, parents or associates, you will become empowered.

Go ahead into the workbook now and assess your reality, your mind is like a muscle, expand your perception and light your world.

The foundation of your change and growth is to modify your beleifs.

See you in the next phase.







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