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Welcome authentic entrepreneurs

Every change starts with you.  Your automatic cash generating source is from self awareness and self improvement.  These two are your connections points to your desired goals.  Have you ever wondered what your future will be? It starts from here. When you realize that the discomfort of staying stuck is...

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Before you start your business, you must get your values right. Values help you to focus on who you want to be and not what you do.   Your value is at the core of your character, it is what you are when no one is watching. If you are ...

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What are beliefs? Every human is a product of nature and nurture. The voices that we hear from the environment while growing up form our internal voices and compass. These are what we call beliefs. Our beliefs are justified by our memories. Everyone is in a state, either an empowered...

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5 Things That Can Stop Your Business Growth

1. When you are not learning new things and growing 2. When you are not helping others grow 3. When you do not genuinely care about others 4. When you are too insecure to be authentic 5. When you are not aligned to your values and vision

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The four seasons of an Authentic Entrepreneurial journey.

The four seasons of an Authentic Entrepreneurial journey. Like we said earlier that different seasons have different attributes depending on the location, we will be looking at the summer season in this post. Summer This is the season of warmth , longest days and short nights. The season for growth...

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Many people end up being who they think they need to be in order to fit in. You can’t  go through life trying to be who you’re  not just to be accepted. No one will trust you if you are not your real self. You will never enter into your...

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