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Many people end up being who they think they need to be in order to fit in.

You can’t  go through life trying to be who you’re  not just to be accepted.

No one will trust you if you are not your real self.

You will never enter into your liberated and full potential until you break out of living a false life.

You will perpetually live undermining your authenticity and compromising your integrity, at the end , you’ll  still be rejected.

See you’re either boxed in or you break out, and you have the capacity to get out of whatever situation  is keeping you stuck.

Your present circumstances is not your identity.

Yes I know that everybody wants to have a sense of acceptance, belonging, family and association, of course there  is absolutely nothing wrong with that

However, you cannot find acceptance  and belonging by first discriminating against yourself.

You need to make peace with who you are so that you can break the perpetual  cycle of rejection  and loneliness.

The thing is people are not rejecting you , they are rejecting who you’re trying to be because they can’t  trust that false persona.

Let the world know you for who you are as you evolve and transcend your challenges we all have them.

There is someone and some groups who will be intrigued  by who you are, your energy and your personality.

There is a place for you in this world  where you don’t  need to fit in.

Make a choice to not continue to live your life according to your pains, I know that loneliness hurts and you can’t  ignore it

 Still  I can tell you this free of charge that  living a life that does not truly express you hurts more.

You have a way out and it is for you to find peace with who God made you.

You are value and you must know it, give it expression  and be a blessing to your world.

Someone somewhere needs the real you to do life with and treasure.

You have to first be at peace with doing life with yourself and seeing yourself as treasure.

You will only form trusting positive relationships when you are  yourself and living your authentic life.

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