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The four seasons of an Authentic Entrepreneurial journey.

The four seasons of an Authentic Entrepreneurial journey. Like we said earlier that different seasons have different attributes depending on the location, we will be looking at the summer season in this post. Summer This is the season of warmth , longest days and short nights. The season for growth and maturity. Nature during summer is full of bright colours and everything is beautiful. Birds a are singing, plants are fruiting, blooming flowers everywhere and animals are breeding.

There is so much energy during summer, rainbow comes out and everyone dreams in colours.

As an authentic entrepreneur, your business summer season is the best time to plant, produce and reproduce.

Because everyone has a high energy and zest, it’s the time to manage

Communication because people want to know the best products among so many

Feedback because people want to be heard and they want more value

Promotion because people have what to exchange for the value but they must know it exists

Community because people are looking for like minds to do business with

Stability because people are thinking long term in a one stop centre.

Some of the questions to ask are

Who are we focused on?

What are we communicating?

Who do we want to hear from?

What value do we offer?

How are we connecting?

What do we do with the connection?

Spring Season

The season that indicates the end of winter, Some call it the season of comfort.

Characterized by longer days and shorter nights, everyone has sufficient hours to get things done.

During spring  season birds are  chirping migrating from place to place, we tend to see various  species.

Animals are happy to come out of hibernation for the surplus supply of food and they reproduce as they migrate from their warmer region hideouts

There is no better time to take a walk in nature and clear the mind.

Plants are green and lush, fresh fruits and vegetables  abound to satisfy the soul.

Flowers bloom making the environment beautiful and rich, it revitalizes the soul as we gain unhindered access to fresh air and natural light.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, farmers do not miss the pleasure of planting  during spring.

For an authentic entrepreneur, it is the season of creation, your innovative  capacity is what counts during  spring season.

Questions to ask are

How do we make it better, faster, easier, more accessible?

What technology are we leveraging?

What new products or features are we introducing?

All these questions and more because it is the season  of fresh start, better offers and increased values.

Autumn Season

Autumn is the season after summer just before winter, some also call it fall.

The season shows big indisputable changes in the environment.

It is the season of colours , fun and actives.

Social interaction is high during this season .

Characterized with cold nights and shorter days, everything in nature seem to slowly go to sleep.

Leaves change colours , plants seeds fill the ground for animals to eat freely or horde in preparation for winter.

The amazing joyous faces of farmers as they harvest the crops that they have deli gently nurtured to maturity is always priceless.

Beautiful moonlight brightens the nights for childRen to play and count the stars on Orion’s Belt.

Getting nature ready for the rains and planting season, Rabbits grow thicker furs looking magnificent 

Nature pushes animals to migrate , looking for good shelter to live through the winter.

So it is in business, as an authentic entrepreneur looking for the best location to support your business.

It is about maximizing your business assets.

A farmer wants to know his or her yield per square meter during the autumn season.

Because the days are fun and colorful, people tend to move from place to place to do business.

This is when your business location in terms of traffic counts.

The questions to ask are 

How do we stay grounded despite our location?

How can we maximize the traffic that other locations provide?

How well are we optimizing our resources and assets?

Where else can we stamp our presence for greater impact?

What new markets can we attract?

Asking these questions and more with the understanding that it is Harvest time.

Winter season

This is the season when people feel cold and wear warm clothes. 

Both man and animals change appearances and adopt new adaptation techniques.

The Indians celebrate Diwali which is the victory of light over darkness.

How does this translate to you as an authentic entrepreneur? 

The winter season is the period when you need discipline to manage

People because they tend to migrate to a warmer environment or hibernate.

Time because you tend to have shorter days and longer cold nights

Performance because the company and the people are experiencing a chill and tendencies to be too fast and not be attentive.

Financial responsibility because there could be that sense of need to stuck up supplies

Manage evaluation of company performance.

It is also the season to express a high level of sharing and caring within the organization.

Which will help in the act of “ripening catching” I.e creating a funnel for new leads.

Winter season is the period for you to ask questions in order to gain clarity to any and every dark areas of the business.

Some of the questions to ask are 

What model should my business adopt during this season?

How can we be efficient in operations and pricing ?

Who should be at the forefront of leading the team among team members ( domain subject matter)?

How much of our ‘Why’ question do we want to answer during this season?

To what extent do we want to contribute to humanity and be the spark to someone this season? Above all, during the winter season of an entrepreneur’s business life, there are several distractions, you will have to be intentional about paying your only due and it is called Attention to details

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