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Before you start your business, you must get your values right. Values help you to focus on who you want to be and not what you do.


Your value is at the core of your character, it is what you are when no one is watching.

If you are  not confident of your innate value, you cannot go after you big dreams and lofty goals.

Place a value on who you are because it is your self worth that will build your self esteem.

Low self worth is what makes you feel tha5 you are not enough and so you settle for second best which is happiness, that is when you h ear people say at least I am happy. Settling for second best is what makes you compare yourself with others and it keeps you in that state of being stuck.

There is something higher than happiness, because happiness is externally generated, it is called fulfillment and impact.

When you discover and align your self to your value, everything good will support you to live by them and achieve your goals.

Now take your time and list your values as described in the playbook

See you shortly.

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